Piranha vs Chupacabra. Who Will Win?

Piranha vs Chupacabra

On the night of April 28-29, 2013, according to media reports in the Lugansk region, in the village of Donetsk, one of the local residents caught the notorious Chupacabra, entangled in the threads of a Piranha razor mesh fence. As it turned out later, it was a pheasant, which in the dark was mistaken by a village resident for a mythical killer of living creatures.

To make it clear to the reader what we are talking about, let us explain that a protective fence made of Piranha razor mesh is almost insurmountable for medium and large-sized animals. When trying to escape, the animal is even more firmly fixed by the predatory teeth of the razor wire. This time a pheasant was caught, but cases are not uncommon when only Piranha razor mesh helped protect the bark of trees in winter from damage by local hares.

However, you don’t have to worry about the fate of the pheasant, because he is undergoing a recovery period at the local veterinary hospital. After complete recovery, the curious bird will be released into the wild. According to the owner of the fence, he is glad that he placed Piranha razor mesh, because if she did not let the bird through, there is no need for a person to interfere.