Egoza Flat Barrier Fence

Egoza flat barrier fence

Egoza flat barrier fence can act either as an independent fence or as an additional enhancement of the protective qualities of an existing fence. A flat security barrier is most appropriate to use for protecting the territory of private households, as well as administrative buildings. A fence made of Egoza flat barrier will not cause external dissonance, since, unlike a concertina security barrier, it is less noticeable.

Speaking about safety barriers, it is impossible to ignore such a type of fencing as the Egoza flat barrier. The name of this barrier is due to the fact that the turns of razor wire in this case are located in the same plane. Egoza flat lays claim to the title of the most compact barrier, which allows it to be mounted on the narrowest bases of fences and roofs. We should also not forget the cost of a flat barrier - this advantage will be very significant for those who are on a limited budget.

It is possible that the flat razor wire fence is slightly inferior in protective properties to the concertina wire type, but it is perfectly suitable for use directly in urban conditions. You need to understand that a flat barrier is very limited as an independent full-fledged fence, therefore it is mainly used only for installation on roofs and fences. However, when combined with a spiral barrier, it can also be used with great success.

A flat barrier can often be found as auxiliary protection for protected objects and areas within the city: law enforcement agencies, car parks, airports, enterprises, and so on. Let us note that one of the important advantages of the Egoza flat barrier is the ability to obtain a high level of object protection at minimal cost. In addition, the installation of such a barrier itself takes a minimum of time, if, of course, it is carried out by specialists.