Fences and Barriers

Concrete Industrial Fence

The most reliable, strong and durable, such a fence is aimed solely at protecting the territory. Due to its design, it can be reinforced with the top tier of barbed wire, SBB Egoza.

Decorative Concrete Fence

Thanks to modern technology, even such a rough material as concrete can be elegant. By ordering a decorative concrete fence, you get the opportunity to make the area of your home even more expressive and attractive.

Wrought Iron Fences

A wrought iron fence is a recognized classic among fences known to mankind. Such fences indicate the wealth and refined taste of the owner of the fenced area.

Rods or Reinforcement Fence

An elegant and at the same time reliable, impenetrable fence made of rods will provide adequate protection against unwanted entry into the territory of the protected facility.

Sheet Profile Fence

A fence made from sheet profiles is one of the most economical fencing options. At the same time, due to the absence of any protrusions and recesses, it is also not very easy to overcome such a fence.

Barbed Wire Fence

A fence made of traditional barbed wire is an inexpensive and reasonable solution for the primary protection of the territory. The effectiveness of such a fence directly depends on the density of the barbed wire strands.

Concertina Wire Barrier Fence

A fence made from concerina wire barrier is perhaps the most common option of all types of razor concertina wire fencing. Its advantages are the balance of price and technical characteristics.

Egoza Flat Barrier Fence

A fence made from Egoza flat barrier can act either as an independent fence or as an additional enhancement of the protective qualities of an existing fence.

Egoza Super Razor Wire Fence

Egoza-Super razor wire provides even more protection due to the use of a large diameter wire base. The galvanized surface of the spiral guarantees many years of operation of the barrier under any climatic conditions.

Piranha Razor Mesh Fence

Made from razor wire, such a fence will provide excellent air exchange, while at the same time preventing intruders and large animals from entering the protected area.

Chain-Link Fence

When it comes to fencing a summer cottage, the best option in terms of price and quality simply cannot be found. Chain-link mesh is also successfully used in agriculture for constructing pens and enclosures for livestock.

Welded Panels Fence

A fence made of welded panels is an ideal option for use in urban areas. With them you will ensure proper protection of municipal buildings, offices, state and municipal enterprises.

Metal-Plastic Fence

The combination of plastic and metal, familiar to domestic consumers, is now being successfully implemented in the segment of creating durable fences that can maintain their strength for many decades.

Plastic Board Fence

A fence made of plastic boards is a simplified version, without a layer of sound insulation. However, such a fence meets all the criteria for safety and modern aesthetics.

Plastic Fence with Noise Protection

A plastic fence made using the sandwich panel principle will ensure isolation of the fenced area not only from unwanted guests, but also from extraneous noise from the outside world.

Gates and Wickets

If you already have a fence, we will help you choose the most suitable wicket or gate. This is an important detail of the entire fence, since it is the gates and gates that focus most of the attention.