Chain-Link Fence

Chain-link fence

Chain-link mesh has proven its right to be considered the most popular fence. Typically, a chain-link fence is installed to fence off the territories of farms and summer cottages. However, chain-link mesh is successfully used in other cases when it is necessary to fence off a large area at minimal cost.

For a summer resident choosing what material his fence will be made of, it is important to maintain a balance between protective qualities and the low cost of the future fence. A chain-link fence fully meets these requirements, although it cannot be called insurmountable either. Rather, a chain-link fence can become a serious obstacle for animals, rather than for people. Why is this type of fence used for fencing suburban and personal plots? We've already talked about low cost, but there's something else. Among other things, the chain-link mesh allows sunlight to pass through and ensures natural air circulation, which is extremely important for the normal growth of plants, vegetables and fruit trees.

Perhaps the chain-link mesh is not the epitome of reliability, but every summer resident can install a fence from this simple material. All metal mesh sold in stores differs from each other - the total length of one roll, the size of the cells, the thickness of the wire and the width of the roll. The optimal roll width for gardening needs is 1.5 meters wide.

The mesh is installed on poles, which bear the main structural load. The distance between the pillars should be approximately 2.5 meters, but no more. Intermediate pillars are dug into the ground at least one meter, while the outer pillars should be buried approximately 20-30 cm deeper into the ground, because they will experience the main load. In order for the mesh fence to last as long as possible, the bases of all posts must be filled with concrete, after which you should proceed to directly attaching the mesh.

A metal mesh can only protect the territory from penetration when: its upper and lower edges are attached to a wooden beam or when the mesh is divided into sections enclosed in a metal frame. A sectional fence, moreover, has a much more attractive appearance.

To summarize, we can say that a fence made of metal mesh is only suitable as a fence for summer cottages and garden plots due to the fact that it has a low level of protection against penetration.