Welded Panels Fence

Welded panels fence

If you are looking for an inexpensive but very reliable fence, we recommend that you pay attention to a welded panels fence. On the one hand, its production uses less metal than, say, in the production of rods or reinforcements fence; on the other hand, its design guarantees the safety of the object, eliminating the possibility of damage to the fence and overcoming the barrier from above. Welded panels coated with a special polymer will last for decades under snow, rain and scorching sun, delighting you with an impeccable appearance.

If you are looking for a strong and durable fence, you should pay attention to the welded wire mesh version. Sectional-type fences or panel fencing have recently become very popular, since at a fairly affordable cost they can become a serious obstacle for those who decide to enter the protected area. Its solid appearance and the ability to combine with barbed wire make this type of fencing an excellent choice for both businesses and private households. In addition, welded metal fences are made in a wide range of colors, so that your fence will harmonize with the facade of the building without breaking out of the idyll of the overall picture.

Welded panel fencing is mounted with ready-made panels, which simplifies the installation process. But I would like to say separately about the design features. The panels are made from metal rods and welded square posts. In turn, the rods are welded into a lattice having cells of 50 by 200 mm. A protective galvanized coating is applied to the panel. To consolidate the durability properties, galvanization is coated with polymer paint. As a result, we get a fence with a service life of at least 25 years. At the same time, the owner of such a fence gets rid of the need to update the paint layer and other associated processing.

We also note that welded panel fence sections can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes - from 630 to 2430 millimeters. Plus, the buyer has the opportunity to adjust the height of the support pillars in the range of 1330-3130 millimeters. If you want to install a panel fence directly into concrete, you should choose an elongated support post design. In the case of anchor fastening, the posts must have a square base.