Rods or Reinforcement Fence

Fence made of rods or reinforcement

Strong, reliable and durable, a fence made of metal rods, as many years ago, remains one of the most effective types of fences with a high deterrent potential. The sharp peaks crowning the tops of the rods are an additional obstacle for intruders who decide to get into the protected area. With this fence you can be calm, because at the proper height it is impossible to climb over it.

When talking about the perfect combination of aesthetics, durability and cost, there is only one metal fence that comes to mind - a chain link fence. Such a fence can easily withstand any load: temperature, mechanical, humidity changes, etc. It is worth saying that fences made of reinforcement are manufactured and installed according to the same principles as fences made of pipes and profiles. When making such fences, craftsmen often add decorative elements that favorably emphasize the aesthetics of the bar fence. Of course, you won’t be able to achieve the beauty of a wrought-iron fence this way, but you can get closer to this standard.

When making a fence from rods, it is important to adhere to technology: carefully work out every connection, every weld. Fences of this type have a large number of joints between elements, which obliges the manufacturer to carefully check every meter of the product for defects. It is also important to carry out correct installation, ensuring reliable fixation of the spans among themselves and on the foundation supports. Since the fence is made of solid metal, its own weight is quite significant. If the fixation is incorrect or of insufficient quality, the fence may not withstand the onslaught of the elements and simply fall.

A fence made of rods has a number of undeniable advantages: high strength with an optimal combination of aesthetic qualities, durability. Even a budget bar fence can improve the façade of a building and the surrounding area. With the proper approach to manufacturing, such a fence can provide a high level of protection against unauthorized persons entering the territory. Typically, a bar fence can be seen in private construction, when fencing the territory of municipal buildings, law enforcement and other government agencies.