Concertina Wire Barrier Fence

Concertina wire barrier fence

A fence made from Egoza concertina wire barrier is the gold standard of safety, applicable to industrial, especially dangerous, and sensitive facilities. The presence of several tiers made of galvanized concertina wire barrier increases the protective properties of such a fence significantly. The height of the fence and the number of tiers can be adjusted depending on customer requirements. Buy a fence from Egoza concertina wire barrier - protect your production from theft, sabotage and unscrupulous competitors.

In the struggle for security, humanity has been improving methods and principles for centuries until it ultimately found the optimal solution. Egoza concertina wire fence can rightfully be considered such a solution. Under the Egoza brand, domestic manufacturers produce reinforced razor tape, formed into a rigid spiral with turns of different diameters. Egoza wire provides maximum protection at minimal cost.

Let's look at the technical characteristics of the Egoza concertina wire barrier to understand how such a barrier provides high levels of protection. The basis of the barrier is galvanized steel wire 2.2-4.0 mm thick, onto which a sharp cutting tape 0.5-0.7 mm thick, made of sheet metal, is attached by rolling. It is not difficult to guess that the Egoza concertina wire barrier with such indicators is resistant to destruction, has high rigidity and a long service life. The Egoza concertina wire barrier has the shape of a spring with coils tightly connected to each other using special brackets. This connection ensures that the barrier is impassable.

Now that we know all the features of Egoza concertina wire barrier, let’s move on to a review of fence installation. Installation of Egoza concertina wire barrier can be carried out on ready-made concrete, metal, brick fences, thereby enhancing their restraining qualities. If we talk about a fence made entirely of Egoza concertina wire barrier, then it is important to choose the right brackets and the correct location of the coil. Metal brackets (anchors or supports) can have different shapes, defined by Latin letters: L, Y, U, I, X. It is impossible to say unambiguously which of these types of brackets provides the greatest efficiency of the fence, but it should definitely be said that the number of tiers radically affects this indicator, which is why intermediate fasteners are often welded to the main bracket structure.

The Egoza concertina wire barrier fence has a powerful psychological effect on intruders, so the very fact of the presence of such a fence works as a deterrent.