Piranha Razor Mesh Fence

Piranha razor mesh fence

This fence will not fail if you need to protect the perimeter from unauthorized entry. Thanks to the fairly small cells and sharp blades of the razor wire, a Piranha razor mesh fence turns into an insurmountable barrier. When fastening ACL threads together, staples of a special design are used, which eliminates the possibility of them unbending.

Returning to the topic of flat barriers, it is worth paying special attention to full-length razor-cutting structures such as Piranha. Piranha razor mesh is ideal for creating long, high fences to protect any objects. When using it, it is possible to achieve several positive results: saving on the fence, while simultaneously enhancing its protective and restraining function. Among other things, a mesh fence can last a very long time thanks to its reliable galvanized coating. A Piranha https://piranja.ua/en/catalog/fences razor mesh fence can be combined with other wire barriers, such as Egoza-Super, Concertina, and Egoza flat barriers. Additional barriers should be installed on top of the Piranha fence.

Mesh fences of this type are a diagonal intersection of reinforced razor tape, fastened together with special staples. It is worth emphasizing that in this case, not flat ones (as in spiral barriers), but round staples are often used to secure the razor wire threads together. When purchasing a Piranha razor wire fence, you should pay attention to the fact that this type of wire fence is sold both in rolls and in the form of finished panels (spans), framed with a metal profile. The panels are ready for direct installation of the fence and have a more aesthetically pleasing, finished look. At the same time, the canvas looks somewhat aggressive, which can act as a factor of psychological pressure on the subconscious of attackers.

Installation of Piranha razor mesh is carried out on metal supports or brick and concrete pillars using traditional technology. But it is necessary to take precautions when installing such a fence. It’s better not to take risks and entrust the installation of the Piranha fence to professionals.