Sheet Profile Fence

Corrugated fences

Profiled sheets are used everywhere in construction - both for roofing and for erecting fences. The advantages of a fence made of sheet material are its affordable cost, discreet industrial aesthetics and durability provided by a thick polymer coating. Separately, I would like to say that due to thin metal cutting edges, a profiled fence significantly reduces the chances of intruders overcoming it.

Perhaps the most affordable and practical fence can rightfully be called a profile fence. Obviously, a fence made of corrugated board is the choice of a real rationalist, a person accustomed to the linearity and simplicity of modern aesthetics. Galvanized sheet made using roll forming equipment, although not distinguished by external sophistication, still has an impressive number of positive qualities. It is absolutely not for nothing that corrugated sheet metal for fences has a wave-like structure, because it is this that gives the steel sheet optimal rigidity. Most often, a fence made of corrugated sheets can be found on construction sites, industrial areas, and as a universal fence for a summer cottage.

Fences made of corrugated sheets, photos of which can be found on specialized websites, have high durability due to the use of special methods for protecting the metal. These include a polymer coating, which not only gives the desired color to the surface of the entire profile, but also ensures high performance qualities of the fence. A layer of polyester, plastisol or pural with the addition of colored pigments is applied to the galvanized coating, which in itself is a stable anti-corrosion protection. In this way, it is possible to achieve the highest durability of the corrugated sheet.

With all this, fences made of corrugated sheets are easily transported and installed fairly quickly. The whole process of installing a fence looks like this: first, holes are drilled, support posts are driven in, after which a horizontal profile pipe in several rows is welded to them, then the corrugated sheet itself is attached to the resulting logs using self-tapping screws.

At low costs, financial and time, we get a fairly high-quality and reliable fence, capable of, among other things, providing excellent perimeter protection from intruders. But we note that when purchasing a profiled sheet, you should pay attention to its thickness - the higher this indicator, the longer the fence will last.