Egoza Super Razor Wire Fence

Egoza Super razor wire fence

Egoza-Super razor wire is the maximum protection of the territory by creating an impassable barrier from reinforced razor tape. The difference between Egoza-Super razor wire and traditional Egoza razor wire is that in its production a wider strip and a wire base with a diameter of 4 to 6 mm are used. This quality gives the Egoza-Super razor wire fence incredible resistance to various types of mechanical stress, including attempts to cut through the wire with a special tool.

To create a highly effective security barrier at sensitive facilities, a fence made from the so-called Egoza-Super concerina wire barrier is used today. This type of wire is suitable for fencing areas: airports, gas and oil stations, seaports, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants. The difference between Egoza razor wire and other types of barbed wire lies in its physical parameters. Thus, the diameter of the wire base is 3.5-4.0 mm, while the thickness of the cutting tape varies between 0.55-0.7 mm. Such a protective fence is quite difficult to bite through even if you have a special tool.

To achieve high performance qualities, the Egoza-Super concertina wire barrier is manufactured according to Technical Specifications TU U 28.7-21804553-001:2009, which provides for the use of high-quality materials, namely galvanized sheet and spring or rope wire in accordance with GOST 14918-80, GOST 7372-79. Being the most reliable obstacle for intruders, the Egoza-Super concerina wite barrier is suitable for installing barriers of various types: spiral, flat and even mobile barriers. Protecting the territory or protecting moving objects (in particular sea vessels) - all this is possible with the reinforced Egoza-Super fencing. The Egoza-Super concerina razor wire barrier is also used to create an effective perimeter fence over a long distance. The use of a mobile wheeled platform for uniform laying of the Egoza-Super concerina wire barrier on the ground reduces installation time to a minimum. With its help, you can cover a perimeter of, for example, 1000 meters in just 20-30 minutes. The height of the Egoza-Super concertina barrier can reach about two meters.

The strength characteristics of Egoza-Super make it possible to make Bruno spirals from this wire - defensive barriers used in military tactics.

When combined with any types of fences, the Egoza-Super protective fence gives the best results.