Plastic Fence with Noise Protection

Plastic fence with noise protection

A plastic fence with noise protection is a massive three-layer structure, the middle layer of which is represented by a special material designed to absorb and dampen sound vibrations. Our clients have the opportunity to order both a fence with a smooth surface and a fence with a textured decorative layer, stylized to resemble the structure of natural wood. This option will fit perfectly into a natural landscape with an abundance of shrubs and trees.

Modern man is influenced by so many stimuli that it is very difficult to say which of them occupies a dominant position. One thing is certain – noise pollution has an extremely negative impact on people’s health and quality of life. Noise protection is required for private houses, detached offices, and municipal buildings for normal operation. There is a universal way to get rid of city noise - a noise-proof fence. The main noise-absorbing material in such fences is plastic (PVC), which absorbs the massive noise impact.

Before purchasing a noise-protective plastic fence, you should consider several factors: the level of noise pollution of the fenced object, the distance between the fence and the object, and terrain features. Taking into account all these features, specialists select the required height, thickness of the fence, and type of PVC profile. Thus, the design of noise-protective fences should be carried out by professionals to achieve maximum noise protection.

Noise-proof fences, among other things, are durable and tolerant of corrosion, and tolerate temperature fluctuations and changes in air humidity well. Structurally, a noise-proof fence resembles a sandwich, consisting of two layers of PVC and sound-absorbing material between them. In some cases, a double layer of sound-absorbing material is used to enhance noise protection.

PVC fences with high noise protection properties can be made from vertical or horizontal boards, which allows you to adjust the physical and aesthetic parameters of the fence, achieving the required performance.