Wrought Iron Fences

Forged fence

A wrought iron fence has always been considered a sign of financial wealth. And today, not everyone can afford a fence decorated with elements of artistic forging. Elegant curls made of metal rod look equally harmonious regardless of the exterior of the building. This is the uniqueness of wrought iron fences. They are not trendsetters, they are timeless classics that will be in demand many centuries later.

It's no secret that first impressions of a house and its owner form quite quickly. All it takes is a second glance towards the fence. Forged fences look the most impressive from an aesthetic point of view. Of course, such fences will not protect you from prying glances, but they will favorably emphasize the refined taste of the owner of the house. Today, photos of forged fences can be found everywhere on the Internet, but the forging form is not final when ordered individually.

Making forged fences is always handmade, because artistic forging requires the master to have not only many years of experience, but also impeccable taste and an aesthetic view of the embodiment of the customer’s idea. Like paint for an artist, metal for a blacksmith is the tool through which he can express himself. Round and square rods, sheet metal - these are the main elements with which the master paints his canvas. Forged metal fences have a high degree of individuality; it is difficult to find two identical fences if they were made to order.

It is worth saying that the openness of wrought iron barriers can be easily eliminated by combining them with brick, stone, concrete, wood and sheet metal. In the latter case, you can ensure the fence and gate are completely impenetrable, but then you will have to sacrifice an important part of the forged aesthetics. Forged fences and fences also have their disadvantages – cost. Made by hand using the hot forging principle, ready-made barriers can hardly be classified exclusively as building structures; they deserve admiration and often represent artistic value. Separately, I would like to say about the protective properties of wrought iron fences. The peculiarity of this type of metal fences is that when setting the task of maximum protection, the highest results can be achieved. For example, if we make a tall wrought iron fence with a fine lattice and prominent pointed tops, we will get an effective fence with an optimal level of protection against intrusion.