Metal-Plastic Fence

Metal-plastic fences

The combination of plastic and metal, which has become traditional, today appears in a new form of metal-plastic fences. This design combines the strength of metal and the weather resistance of plastic, which as a result allows our customers to enjoy a durable, beautiful and reliable fence. A metal-plastic fence does not need to update its decorative layer. Even after ten years it will retain its original color and depth of color.

The trend towards rationalization of building materials could not but affect fencing. Today we are witnessing how plastic fences are gaining popularity in the fencing market. Manufacturers of such fences position their products as an alternative to wooden and metal fences, citing the fact that PVC fences are capable of long-term operation in any climatic conditions. PVC fences come in various types and purposes. So, on the domestic market you can buy a regular decorative plastic fence, an economical option made from a low-strength picket fence, a medium-strength fence and, finally, a reinforced PVC fence with an increased wall thickness of PVC boards or a plastic picket fence. In this article we will focus specifically on reinforced polyvinyl chloride fences, relegating to the background decorative versions that are not able to fully meet the requirements of strength and durability.

If we take into account the fact that most types of domestic plastic fences are made on the basis of a metal frame, the buyer as a result gets two in one. For all their aesthetic and structural advantages, PVC fences cannot be called ideal protection, especially decorative PVC fences that are manufactured outside the country. Foreign manufacturers often simply save on materials: they reduce the wall thickness of the picket fence and boards, dilute high-quality polyvinyl chloride with an increased concentration of chalk, which makes the product more fragile. Fortunately, domestic manufacturers approach the issue of manufacturing PVC fences responsibly, observing the necessary norms and quality standards.

You can enhance the protective qualities of PVC fences with barbed wire, but only a few types of plastic fencing are suitable for this. Specifically speaking, only the improved appearance of spiral and flat Concertina barbed wire fences can be used in combination with Synox reinforced PVC board.

PVC fences have a wide range of external and color designs. In addition, as is the case with plastic windows, fences also have gradations within the model range. The cost in this case depends on the design (absence or presence of a metal frame) and design (reliable imitation of wood structure, enrichment with decorative elements, etc.).

Assembly and installation of plastic fences takes very little time. Being lightweight, the fence sections can be easily assembled by two workers. So far, plastic fences are just becoming widespread in many countries, but it is already obvious that they have every chance of success.