Concrete Industrial Fence

Concrete industrial fence

Even though the rough appearance of an industrial fence does not claim to be the most sophisticated, its appearance fully corresponds to the purposes for which it is used. Fencing warehouses, workshop areas, car parks - these are the places where all the strength and roughness of an industrial concrete fence is required. In addition, only such a fence has excellent potential for enhancing its security qualities with barbed wire and spiral security barriers.

The unsightly, gray concrete structures that enclose most modern enterprises and factories can hardly be called a work of art, however, they do not pretend to be that title. An industrial-style concrete fence, first of all, must provide reliable protection for the property of an enterprise, and such fences cope with this task very well. In addition, the width and flat base of the surface of such a fence are excellent for constructing a spiral fence made of reinforced razor tape.

The main secret to the strength of such fences is the manufacturing mechanism. The production of concrete fences consists of four stages: preparing the concrete mixture, connecting the reinforcement into the frame, molding the reinforced concrete panel and temperature treatment of the product.

In the case of industrial concrete fences, the metal frame is poured only with heavy concrete to obtain high strength and durability of the finished structure. But it is worth noting that the choice of a specific brand of concrete depends on many factors.

Thus, for the preparation of most industrial fences, concrete of a grade of at least 150 is used. Fences with thin walls (up to 40 mm thick), as well as fences without stiffeners, are made of concrete of a grade of at least 200. And, finally, prestressed structures have the best performance characteristics if the form is filled with concrete not lower than two hundred or three hundred grade.

Concrete fences are installed in special concrete cups or on concrete guides (posts with chamfers), if the fence has a prefabricated structure.

We hope the photos of concrete fences of various designs posted on our website will help you decide on the best option.