Decorative Concrete Fence

Decorative concrete fence

Decorative concrete fences are at the peak of their popularity today. We will make a fence of any complexity, using both prepared solutions and completely unique decorative techniques. Now everyone can appreciate the grace of concrete structures pressed into graceful shapes. The surface of decorative concrete can be textured, permanently permeable or monolithic, like a granite layer. We will make any option and select the most suitable color.

Beautiful and diverse from a decorative point of view, concrete fences, which today are experiencing the peak of their popularity in private construction, however, cannot boast of sufficient strength. Let's try to analyze the technology of their production in order to understand where decorative concrete fences give up.

So, Euro fences are often made using vibration casting technology. It is worth noting that this technology is excellent for the production of fences with low thickness. The use of sufficiently high-quality, highly plastic concrete mixtures allows the decorative fence to take on various, sometimes the most bizarre, shapes, showing good results in matters of frost resistance and water resistance.

As noted above, the shape of the decorative fence is the merit of the vibrating platform; it is there that the concrete is poured into special forms, where the reinforcement frame is pre-laid. After this, the form shakes out its contents within thirty seconds. Workers level the surface and transfer the mold to a tray to harden. The hardening process lasts from 12 to 24 hours, after which the fence is ready for use.

As you can see, unlike the technology for the production of industrial fences, the technology for the production of decorative concrete fences does not use heat treatment of the product at the most important (final) stage, which has an extremely negative effect on the durability of such fences and their strength characteristics. The decorative fence fully justifies the well-known saying - beauty requires sacrifice. However, everyone will have to decide for themselves whether they are ready to make such a sacrifice.