Which Barrier is Most Effective?

Which barrier is most effective?

The Cayman production group, as part of building a strategy for further expanding its product range, conducted a survey among numerous customers in Ukraine. The purpose of the survey was to identify the most effective barrier with the maximum deterrent potential.

In first place with an indicator of 75% was an industrial-type concrete fence, reinforced with an Egoza concertina wire security barrier. With a result of 20%, the leader also included a metal fence, on top of which a flat Egoza concertina wire security barrier is installed. This option has become the most acceptable for urban operating conditions.

In third place in the ranking is a chain-link fence - a fence that has been tested by more than one generation of compatriots. It was recognized as the best for use in the agricultural sector. Let us remind you that among all the fences, chain-link mesh, among other things, is the most affordable.