Caiman Turns 25 Years Old

Caiman turns 25 years old

The Caiman Production Group website states that she turned 25 on August 29, 2019. Caiman was founded in 1994, its main specialization is security barriers of various types and designs. During the period of its activity, the Caiman Production Group has ensured security at tens of thousands of facilities throughout the country and has long been a leader in the production of Egoza razor wire and other engineering perimeter defense systems. The technology for the production of reinforced barbed tape and Egoza barbed wire fences is patented; Cayman products are sold under well-known brands - Egoza, Caiman, Gyurza, Concertina, Alligator, Piranha, Cobra.

The Caiman production group produces modern barbed wire - Egoza razor wire, as well as a wide range of barbed fencing made from Egoza barbed wire. The company has a full production cycle of razor wire and Egoza concertina wire barriers - from stamping razot tape to manufacturing finished concertina barriers. Also, the Caiman company provides free delivery of barbed wire to customers and installation of Egoza barbed wire fences at customer sites. The products manufactured by the Caiman production group have all the necessary certificates and other documents confirming their high quality and compliance with Ukrainian and international standards.